Software Distribution

Know Issues / FAQ's ITC Software Manager

Getting started
• Why are we using the ISM?
In order to support the use of notebooks, the ITC software manager was developed. With the software manager students and staff are able to download/run the software relevant to their study. By connecting to the wireless network, notebook users can be mobile and work with the software needed for their course.

• Which course will use the ISM?
All students/staff regardless of course are able to use the ITC software manager

• How long will it take to complete my download?
Download times will vary based upon the size of the file you are downloading, the speed of your Internet connection and network conditions. With a broadband connection, you should be able to download and install most products within 1 to 2 hours, on the local UT network most downloads will be finished within 15 minutes. The ITC software manager uses Microsoft Background Intelligent Transfer, this means that it will use all available network speed without hindering current running applications. It also means that it has lower priority then other download jobs or web browsers.

• What are the ITC software manager system requirements?
The minimum requirements can be found here.

Installation problems
•Software manager does not start or crashes on startup
Some antivirus programs cause problems with the software manger. If the software manager does not start then excluded "c:\program files (x86)\ITC\ISM\ITC Software Manager.exe" in the antivirus program and restart the software manager.
AVG 2015 is known to have this problem, apply the following steps to exclude the software manager:
- Start AVG
- Select options
- Advanced settings
- Exceptions
- Add exceptions, select or type: c:\program files (x86)\ITC\ISM\ITC Software Manager.exe

For other antivirus products it is advised to temporarily disable the antivirus and restart the software manager. If this fixes the problem then add the software manager to the exception list.

Downloading with ITC Software Manager
• Nothing happens when I click to install my programs?
Make sure you have an internet connection, if you do have a connection then exit the software manager and try again. Sometimes a restart of the laptop can help.

• "Server not found" or another server error appears when I start the download.
In most cases a firewall or custom internet settings prevent the software manager from downloading software.

• How do I use the ITC ISM features?
If you want to know more about the features provided by the software manager then click here.

• How do I resume interrupted downloads?
The software manager has a built in option to resume a download if this was interrupted. (for example when the connection to the internet was lost)
When a download doesn't automatically resume try exiting the Software manager and run it again. If this doesn’t work then restart the laptop. In both cases make sure you have a internet connection.

• How do I find installed files?
The ITC ISM installs the programs by default in the program files on the C:drive.

• My C: drive is full, can i specify another location for the programs?
The ITC ISM is a download + install manager in one and is adjusted to install the files on the C: drive. You cannot specify another location for the installations.

• My free disk space is more than the size of the software, but i still receive an error message?
You need at least double the amount of hard disk space, since the indicated software will be downloaded first to a temporary folder. Where after being downloaded it will also need space to be installed.

Installing my product
• How do I install the programs?
After the download is complete, the programs will be installed automatically on your computer. This is an unattended process.

• My computer stalls or slows down when installing my Software
Extracting or decompressing the installation files is the first step when installing a download. This process can use a lot of system resources and may slow down your computer depending upon your system speed and available system resources. Some larger downloads can take several minutes to extract. To optimize the speed of the extraction process, you may want to close all open programs or restart your laptop before installing your download.

• How do I remove the ITC ISM?
The ITC software manager can be removed by going to the control panel --> select add/remove programs --> click on the ITC Software manager --> select uninstall

Network Settings

• While clicking on the "network logon" or "license redirect" option a message appears: "can't connect to the server"!

IP configuration
Some internet Service providers require you to change your network settings. Sometimes these network settings may come in conflict with the software manager. You can reset the network settings to the default position by going to the properties of the network card. Also see "how to remove static IP" manual.

Firewall/virus scanner
It appears that when running the ISM license redirection it cannot be connected to the ITC server.
We found out that the trial version of McAfee (installed on some laptops) is blocking the ITC software manager from accessing the server.
Please remove the ITC software manager from the McAfee blocked list. If you’re still experiencing trouble then please come to the helpdesk.
The software manager also provides a free anti-virus program from Microsoft.

License redirection

• Check the date
Applications that require a connection with a license server (Arcgis, Erdas, Envi) should have the correct date/time on the computer. The application will fail to start if there is a big difference with the date/time on the license server.

• Working outside the ITC network
The software manager enables you to work outside the ITC with programs that are licensed (for example Arcgis, Erdas)
You just right click on the licenses redirect options in the software manager.