Software Distribution

Software overview

Software @ ITC:
The software published on this page is available only for Students and Staff of ITC, and may be used only for study and non-commercial research. Software which is not available through the ITC Software Manager, can be added upon request via the Program/Course Director.

App stores:
Some applications can only be installed through the Google, Apple or Microsoft store. Select App store below if you wish to filter applications that are available from these app stores. Please read the provided information carefully, additional actions may be required.

ApplicationVersionCategoryDescriptionPrivate use
7zip22.0ToolsTool for (de)compressing zip, rar, 7z files.
Acrobat (installer)CCOfficePdf editing software
Adobe Reader2020OfficePdf reader
AquaCrop4.0ModellingFAO crop-model to simulate yield response to water of crops
ArcGIS10.8.2GeoGeo information software
ArcGIS10.8.1GeoGeo information software
ArcGIS10.3.1GeoGeo information software
ArcGIS10.4.1GeoGeo information software
ArcGIS10.6.1GeoGeo information software
ArcGIS 64bit processing10.8.2GeoArcGIS 64 bit background geo processing
ArcGIS 64bit processing10.8.1GeoArcGIS 64 bit background geo processing
ArcGIS Datareviewer10.8.2GeoData reviewing add on for Arcgis
ArcGIS Datareviewer10.8.1GeoData reviewing add on for Arcgis
ArcGIS Earth1.15GeoViewer to work with 3D and 2D map data displayed on the globe. Reads Esri services, shapefiles and open standard formats (KML, KMZ).
ArcGIS Field Maps GeoUse your smartphone or tablet to collect and update GIS information in the field, whether connected or disconnected.
ArcGIS Pro3.0GeoGIS application
ArcGIS Pro2.9GeoGIS application
ArcGIS Roads and Highways10.8.2GeoArcGIS extension for managing road networks.
ArcGIS Roads and Highways10.8.1GeoArcGIS extension for managing road networks.
ArcGIS Workflow10.8.2GeoArcGIS Workflow manager