Software Distribution

Revision History

2.9.2, 24-6-2022
Fix issue with Windows 11 automatic update check
Support for ARM 64

2.9.1, 10-1-2020
Fix issue with internal certificate check, incorrect warning as of 9-1-2020
Fix issue with drive mappings when user is elevated
Check scripting host user settings, show warning if disabled

2.9.0, 20-6-2019
replace ssh module for license redirect, support for ssl with TLS 1.2 protocol
IMPORTANT: if you use license redirect then you will need 2.9.0 version or higher
server replacement, only accepts TLS 1.2 connections, older clients (pre 2.8.0) need to update manually

2.8.5, 28-2-2019
fix license redirect problem with assembly signing

2.8.4, 28-2-2019
fix issue with error message on first startup when not connect to network
fix issue with virtual network adapters and docker

2.8.3, 25-2-2019
show a warning if the executable is unsigned
exclude more virtual network adapters for registration

2.8.2, 25-1-2019
fixed missing certificate on exe file in version 2.8.1

2.8.1, 16-1-2019
add check on windows scripting host, required for logon script and installation scripts
fix registry requirement check on Windows x64

2.8.0, 18-12-2018
add https TLS1.2 support for server connection
allow login with username, m/s/x number or email address
change dotnet detection
fix 64 bit path requirement
fix detection of file version

2.7.6, 31-7-2018
fix incorrect date conversion while reading last windows update date.

2.7.5, 28-6-2018
warning level for disk space changed
warning level for computer clock added, some license managers require accurate time synchronisation between client and server
improve detection of domain user
warning level for screen resolution changed due to default scaling settings in Windows 10

2.7.4, 7-12-2017
fix issue with Windows 10 automatic update, an incorrect Windows setting caused a detection failure, this will now be fixed by the Software Manager

2.7.3, 6-12-2017
fix issue with Windows 10 battery saver, downloads would be on hold until battery saver was turned off

2.7.2, 16-11-2017
fix missing mouse over information on software items
add aditional check for last windows update date

2.7.1, 26-6-2017
add check for dotnet 4.7 requirement
fix issue with unsupported 'run as different user', error will be shown

2.7.0, 10-3-2017
add app store button to redirect to web for installation of iOS, Android or Windows app store products
fix for random MAC addresses in Windows 10

2.6.5, 15-9-2016
fix for Office 2016 registry problems
compatibility with Windows server improved
add check for dotnet 4.6.2 requirement

2.6.4, 8-9-2016
optional user prompt has been added to make installation choices possible

2.6.3, 10-6-2016
clicking the balloontip when new software is available will open the main form
show last windows update date in systeminfo form
use install date as update date after new OS installation (empty update date fix)

2.6.2, 27-1-2016
fix for missing automatic startup in 2.6.0 and 2.6.1

2.6.1, 26-1-2016
fix for missing shortcut in programs menu (bug in 2.6.0 installer)
fix for missing error message in dotnet 4.6.0 requirements
add check for dotnet 4.6.1 requirement
add check for last Windows update date, show warning or error if no updates have been installed

2.6.0, 12-1-2016
use dotnet 4.5 runtime, dotnet 3.5 no longer required
use standard dotnet 4.5 upzip library, external library sharpziplib removed
check windows 10 automatic updates
embed Interop.MSScriptControl in exe file
removed remote support tool from installation

2.5.5, 4-9-2015
fix issue with AVG antivirus, changed compilation method
update security certificate

2.5.4, 3-7-2015
Windows 10 compatibility
fix for decompres bug when using hindi region settings
fix for locked download folder
only show antivirus software if none is installed

2.5.3, 23-12-2014
allow multiple requirements for an application
add low disk space warning before installation starts (<1000MB)

, 7-2-2014
show a warning if a proxy is configured and the connection fails
show a warning when password or account is about to expire

2.5.1, 4-12-2013
bug fixed, read error log while log file is locked
bug fixed, do not show an error in the license redirect when two licenses sharing the same license server are selected

2.5.0, 19-11-2013
use new server,
show dependant applications grayed out instead of invisible
show optional requirements information when an application is selected
login script downloaded from server instead of using file, logon share no longer needed
bug fixed, show an error when trying to register with an unsupported version

2.3.5, 19-6-2013
allow more ports for license redirection

2.3.4, 26-4-2013
fix Microsoft network detection

, 31-1-2013
bug fixed, ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll was not correctly updated causing sporadic installation errors
windows application events are logged after installation failures

Test release only

2.3.1, 20-12-2012
windows update service detection modified
icons modified for large font display
uninstall option added in login error and upgrade message box

2.3.0, 13-12-2012
add installation timeout
screen refresh improved during installations new icons, higher resolution
improve reporting for better installation debugging
wait longer for windows automatic update and windows security service to start
clear message box if there are no more messages
new BITS dll, independent of compiler and windows version

2.2.5, 11-11-2012
Fix web service url

2.2.4, 19-10-2012
Update domain detection with UT domain
Set BITS service to manual if it is disabled
Set security center service to auto if it is manual or disabled
Set windows update service to auto if it is manual or disabled
Check if Microsoft network client is installed before a logon script is run

2.2.3, 8-10-2012
Change detection of msiexec process (windows installer)

2.2.2, 24-04-2012
Remote/local network detection changed to allow logon script from the UT network.

2.2.1, 7-03-2012
Fix minimize in Windows 8
Fix antivirus detection in Windows 8
Help URL configurable from the server.

2.2.0, 31-01-2012
New login window, script gives output to the windows so that the progress and error messages can be shown.
Script properties configurable from the server

2.1.2, 12-01-2012
Refresh the system info when the refresh button is clicked
Disable network logon button when logon script is running
Enable windows automatic updates if this is not configured

2.1.1, 6-01-2012
Changed administrative rights detection. If a user does not have admin rights and cannot get admin rights after UAC prompt then show an error message and exit the application.
Message timer stopped when minimized
Add screen resolution check in hardware info

2.1.0, 10-12-2011
New system hardware check. Show error message when system does not comply with the minimum hardware demands.
Check if OS has antivirus and windows update enabled. Block access to software when this is not the case.

2.0.4, 18-11-2011
Ignore Vmware Ethernet adapters.

2.0.3, 10-01-2011
Ignore invalid Ethernet adapters.
Fix order of windows display