Software Distribution

License Redirection

The ITC software manager contains 3 main features:
Below a description will be shown of the ‘License redirect’ feature.

License redirection
Additional to the location independent software installation, a location independent license server connection can be established by using the included feature ‘License redirection’.
You can start the feature license redirection by either using the licenses redirect button in the software manager, or right clicking the ITC Software Manager icon in the system tray as shown in the figure below (The ITC Software Manager needs to be running, see the ‘Install Software’ section for how to startup the manager), and selecting the ‘Licenses redirect’ option in the popup menu.
This will cause another window to open, in which you can select the licenses of choice. Only the available licenses of the installed product will be show. After enabling a certain license, the license server of UT will be available across the internet. In order to work seamlessly, the internet connection needs to remain persistent.

The license redirect will be turned on or off depending on your network location. The selected applications will be saved and used the next time you are in a remote network location.

Note: This facility will only be necessary and therefore only available outside the UT Network (UT campus, ITC building and ITC hotel). Being inside the UT network, the following message will appear: