Software Distribution

Network Access

The ITC software manager contains 3 main features:
Below a description will be shown of the ‘Network Logon’ feature.

Network Logon
The additional feature of doing a network logon will be available for users connected to the UT network (UT campus, ITC building and ITC hotel). You can start this network logon by right clicking the ITC Software Manager icon in the system tray as shown in the figure below (The ITC Software Manager needs to be running, see the ‘Install Software’ section for how to startup the manager), and selecting the ‘Network logon’ option in the popup menu.

This will cause another popup window to open, in which you have to provide your UT password. (username has been pre-set)

A script will run, performing the action required in order to provide you with the facilities described at the bottom of this page.

Not being connected to the UT network will result in the error message displayed below.

Initiating such a network logon will provide you the following network facilities:
  • File server access
  • Printer access